About Us

Caring For Kids Catering Inc

Mission Statement

1) Engage with the local community by providing a means for volunteers to raise funds for distribution to charitable purposes by way of providing catering services to events across Western Australia.

2) Raise funds for distribution to charitable purposes by way of hiring out mobile Cool Rooms, Mobile Freezers and other catering equipment held by the association for use by members of the general public.

3) Enable members of the Association to nominate, to the committee, charitable organisations that might be considered as beneficiaries of the efforts of the Association.

In essence, we are a group of like minded people who come together to  volunteer our time to raise funds that can be distributed to needy families with seriously ill children or to organizations that provide similar support.

We are 100% volunteers which means that our only costs are for catering supplies, van registrations, insurances (voluntary worker’s accident, vehicle, and public liability), and equipment maintenance.

We receive fantastic support from many businesses that help us with our catering supplies, maintenance and also enable us to have the use of catering vans and equipment so that we can continue to carry out the work that we do. We are very grateful for this assistance.

Help us to help support families in need.

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