This Member Code of Conduct outlines the required standards of behaviour and practice by Members in undertaking their role with Caring For Kids Catering Inc.



Personal and professional behaviour

 Members are to perform any duties associated with their position in a conscientious, competent and honest manner, consistent with the values of the organisation.

 Members are to treat all others with respect and courtesy, having regard for their dignity and rights.

 Members act fairly and equitably, respecting diversity in the environment which they work in.

 Members prevent and respond to unlawful discrimination against other Members, volunteers, clients and stakeholders.

 Members do not engage in bullying, violence, harassment or any other forms of victimisation.

 Members, involved in activities conducted by the organisation, dress and act in public in a professional manner that does not reflect adversely on the organisation or other Members.

 Memberís use of social media does not compromise the organisationís reputation and does not include derogatory, shaming or other personal attacks towards or about Members, the governing body, volunteers, client or other stakeholders.



 Members use equipment, facilities and funds for the primary purpose of undertaking organisational duties.

 Members maintain confidentiality of all organisation and personal information obtained during volunteering activities and other formal engagements with the organisation, and utilise such information for the purposes of carrying out duties, and not for financial or other benefit, or to take advantage of another person or organisation.

 Members maintain organisation and personal records in accordance with legislative and organisational policy requirements.

 Members ensure all decisions made in the course of their duties are transparent and align with organisational policy and procedures.

 Members understand and comply with organisation policies and procedures.

 Members are responsible for seeking clarification where needed regarding any part of their volunteer activities, including details of this Code of Conduct.

 Members take responsibility for reporting conduct by other Members, governing body members or volunteers which contravenes any law, organisational policy and procedures, or this Code of Conduct.

 Members comply with any by-laws that might be promulgated with particular reference to the catering practices undertaken by the organisation.


Conflicts of interest

 Members declare and manage any potential, actual or apparent conflicts of interests.

 Members do not accept gifts, benefits or favours that may influence or be reasonably seen to influence decision making.

 Members prevent and respond to nepotism and patronage.

 Members manage conflicts of interest in accordance with organisational conflict of interest policies and procedures.


Safe Environment

 Members are to perform their duties in a safe and competent manner in accordance with organisational workplace health and safety policies and procedures, and relevant workplace health and safety legislation.†

 Members must take care to not put themselves or others at risk or reduce their ability to carry out their duties through unsafe practices, inappropriate behaviours or the misuse of alcohol or drugs.

 Members take action in preventing, identifying and responding to workplace health and safety risks.

 Members will complete a Local Government Online Food Handling Course upon joining the association and complete a refresher of that course once per calendar year.

Member Code of Conduct Agreement

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