A number of Weskies are part of our team with the efforts they put in going to assist their fundraising for Camp Quality.


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Email from Sienna’s Mum,

“We are struggling to come up with the money we need for Sienna to be able to participate in a post operative rehab intensive.

This is going to help so much.

We really can't thank you enough. We appreciate it so very much.”


Our Champions

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Email from Mitchell’s Mum, Jaya


“Lovely meeting you today thank you so much we honestly can not be more grateful this will be such an incredible help!!”

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Note on Mitchell’s facebook page


We would love to give a huge thank you to an amazing local charity caring for kids catering, they gave us an amazing donation this week and we truly have no words for how much this will help us.


Having this money aside for our dark times is just such a relief, we have had times where we have had to leave Mitchell in hospital just to go work so we can pay our bills and no parent should be in that predicament you should never have to leave your child in their darkest moments

We want to say a MASSIVE thank you to the team at CARING FOR KIDS CATERING INC for their amazing donation to help us over the next month. We can't thank them enough for their generous donation.

Please go check out their brand new website and if you are looking for a charity to support please consider these guys. They are helping children like Sienna and their families in tough times.

Keira’s Sarcoma Journey

We wanted to give a huge shout out to Caring for kids Catering this amazing organisation has helped us with an amazing donation to help us through this tough time, this will help us pay for rent and food whilst I am unable to work and looking after Keira.

We are so so grateful thankyou 🥰


caringforkidscatering.org.au   Our Champions

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We are lost for words after receiving the amazing donation from the Caring for Kids Catering team.


Tate’s journey has been tough to say the very least. But special moments like, this take a lot of pressure off and have allowed us as a family to focus all of our energy into Tate’s treatment.


Thankyou Caring for Kids Catering!!!


Love from the Brennan’s.


Jason Brennan

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